In my own words...

A note from the founder and owner of The Wellness Spa; Deborah Adams aka the Qi Goddess.

Qi pronounced "chee" is from the Chinese calligraphy symbol which means Energy. Though I am not Chinese, rather a tenacious combination of German and Polish heritage, I acquired the name "Qi Goddess" during my years of Tai Chi instructor training by my classmates who commented on my unending source of energy to keep going without needing much rest. Ironically enough, as the owner of a spa and teacher of the relaxing art of Tai Chi, I am not one to rest and relax as much as I promote to others, but I do believe in balance within life. Balance in your personal wellness by eating healthy but also enjoying a treat every day, by moving your body in a way that suits you best, by working hard while finding time to celebrate the gifts around you, by spending time with family and friends while taking the time to share moments alone with yourself, by making time to cherish the earth and heavens and all that lies in between connecting you to the source you came from. That is what I mean when I say "Relax… And Enjoy Life!" which has continued to be the motto of The Wellness Spa since its beginning in 1994.

Looking back, it's amazing to think this experiment of wellness in a small community like Stevens Point would turn out the way it has. I am grateful everyday for the continued support from our customers and guests… many who were coming for massage therapy with me before the spa was even a thought – they continue to be a source of joy and inspiration for me to keep coming up with new ideas, to keep my mind open to expansion, to remember and treasure the many acquaintances and friendships I've gained through these many years in the wellness industry. I am truly blessed with being part of something much bigger than The Wellness Spa itself, rather to be a part of this movement of health and wellness that continues to surge forward. Though The Wellness Spa started as a 400 sq. ft. space with just my mom and I sitting in the back, playing cribbage on my massage table while we waited for guests to visit this new thing called a "spa", it's been an amazing journey to watch how the word spa and wellness have saturated our world. I'll never forget ordering products in California within the first year of business and the sales rep asking me to repeat my business name, then spell it, then explain it because he had never heard of the word "wellness" before. Since the word wellness was created here in Stevens Point, those of us from the area, at least while I attended UWSP, kind of took it for granted, not realizing that the rest of the world was catching up with what was created right here in our hometown. I remember when the sale guy from California commented on what a neat name for a spa that was and I thought in the moment; "Don't you take my name of Wellness Spa" – now I just have to laugh at all the "Wellness Spas" or spas and salons who have added "wellness" to their name – it's exciting to see the world embrace such a beautiful word with such an intentional message

Now in my forties, I reflect back at how wellness has been a part of my life all along. I think my dad is the reason yogurt and wheat bread are the multibillion dollar industries they are today and my mom was the core of my open-mindedness to try the newest facial mask or supplement. I was very lucky to have parents that let me express myself and mentally supported the many business ventures (even as a little girl) that I pursued along the way. I am working hard to pass that along to my two daughters who have had no choice but to grow up with the concept of "wellness" all around them.

Wellness is much more than massage training or being certified as a lifestyle educator, or personal trainer or Tai Chi instructor or the many more licenses and certificate programs I have gone through in the past 25 years. It is almost embarrassing to see how many there are! There is no question that I am a Gemini and Chinese Fire Horse when it comes to my quest for learning more and doing more (yes, I do own the "I'll sleep when I'm dead" bumper sticker!) But with all that knowledge, it only makes me realize how much I do not know yet and how much there is to try to tap into and understand in this vast universe of information and experiences.

From flying ultralight aircraft and landing at the world-renowned EAA in my day-glow pink outfit in the 80's (hey, not a lot of pilots could say that!) to teaching aerobics to professional hockey players while working for the world's strongest man in a gym in the Twin Cities, to traveling with a dance troupe across the Midwest… riding motorcycles, trying to hydroplane jet skis, rollerblading for miles and miles, entering body building competitions, extreme landscaping, writing for magazines and now publishing my first book – while still making my daughters the priority in my life … yes, I do find time for massages, facials, and pedicures … popcorn and movies (notice how I mentioned the popcorn first), playing cards with family … Life is my gift, I don't want to take it for granted. And having all of these experiences has given me a great insight to people, and often times, what people are looking for in their own life.

That's the reason you will always see The Wellness Spa adding new treatments, new products, new classes, even new team members – it is an opportunity to bring you, our guest, into the world of wellness to take what you need most to fulfill your wellness needs and bring your life into balance. Enjoy all that I've learned in my own wellness and life experiences through the experiences we offer at The Wellness Spa. Find ways to bring your life into balance and harmony through making time for yourself to relax with massage or feel great with a facial, learn to reduce stress while improving overall health with our Free Tai Chi class or many of the classes and workshops we offer. Get together with your special someone for a couples massage or plan a group get-together at the spa, or come and spend some time alone to refresh yourself and awaken your spirit. You Are a Gift! You deserve to be treated like one. That was why I started The Wellness Spa in the first place, to give individuals the opportunity to bring wellness into their world, to heal your body and mind and remember how to "Relax… And Enjoy Life".

Keep your eyes open for what's coming next … I am always researching and planning something new to offer in the future - life is filled with energy and energy needs to keep moving to survive, you have my promise to keep The Wellness Spa growing and moving with the fullness of wellness.

Deborah Adams
"Qi Goddess"

Deborah Adams is the founder and owner of The Wellness Spa; certified Tai Chi & Qigong instructor and certified Lifestyle Educator. Deborah is available for speaking engagements for a variety of audiences on many wellness topics - let her customize a program for your next event or business. Call Toll Free for details 877-341-9772 or email Deborah at