Nail Therapy

We are excited to introduce our re-designed Nail Therapy services highlighting natural and therapeutic additions such as acupressure massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, detoxification, and stress relieving treatments to keep our nail services as unique as The Wellness Spa itself.  Our Licensed Nail Technicians have undergone advanced training so they can bring Wellness Spa guests the ultimate nail experience… which is why we now call them Wellness Spa Nail Therapists.

Try one of our new Nail Therapy services today or build your own personally-designed nail service by adding one of our signature Alchemy or Add-on options below.

Wellness Mani-Pedi Package
Wellness for your hands and feet  - we’ve combined two beautiful nail treatments into one lavish package to get you ready for your special event, vacation, or just because you deserve to look and feel your best!    Relaxation Pedicure & Essential Manicure:   90 minutes - $90

Essential Pedicure
This pedicure includes all the essentials needed to keep your feet and toes looking great; foot soak, exfoliating scrub, thorough nail and cuticle care including nail shaping and filing, and lotion application concluding with the nail color of your choice.  45 minutes - $45

Relaxation Pedicure
Lavish your feet while you drift into a deep state of relaxation.  Begin with a whirlpool foot soak, exfoliating scrub and essential toenail care. Then lie back and relax while our Nail Therapist slips your hands into hydrating heated mitts, places a cooling eyepillow over your eyes and gives you an acupressure foot and lower leg massage using our signature CreateWellness™ aromatherapy oil. While you are napping, we will apply a cooling foot mask or hydrating heated booties. Conclude with the nail color polish of your choice.  60 minutes - $65

Essential Manicure
This manicure includes all the essentials needed to keep your hands and nails looking great; thorough nail and cuticle care, nail shaping and filing, exfoliating scrub and lotion application, completed with the nail color polish of your choice.  30 minutes - $30

Relaxation Manicure
Indulge yourself with our new manicure designed with relaxation in mind. Begin with an exfoliating treatment to soften and smooth hands followed with essential nail and cuticle care. Then close your eyes and relax while our Nail Therapist gives you an acupressure hand and forearm massage using our signature CreateWellness™ aromatherapy oil. Continue relaxing while your hands are slipped into hydrating heated mitts. While your hands soak in moisture, enjoy a stress-relieving shoulder and neck massage. Conclude with the nail color polish of your choice. 50 minutes - $50

Shellac Nail Treatment
Shellac Manicure: the first hybrid nail color that won’t chip, smudge, or wear off for 14 days! This revolutionary proven product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days or high gloss shine and is removed within minutes.

Shellac Nail Treatment (includes manicure to prepare nails) 60 minutes - $45
Shellac Removal 15 minutes - $15

Princess Manicure
A special manicure to make little girls feel like a princess; includes filing, hand massage and nail color of her choice. This manicure is done in our adult nail area so moms and daughters can receive services side-by-side if they choose.  Minimum age: 4 years old.  20 minutes - $20

Princess Pedicure
Pretty Pedicure for little pampered feet. Includes hot towel wrap, filing, lotion application and nail color of her choice. Minimum age: 4 years old. 20 minutes - $25

Allow an extra 15-30 minutes for drying to ensure
great- looking nails before you leave the spa

Nail Enhancers

Choose one or more micro-styled services to be added onto your nail service to customize it for your specific needs. 5 - $15

French or Regular Polish: Add “French-styled” color tips to your nails or polish of your choice.   10 min - $10

Foot Indulgence: Pure pleasure with a nourishing moisture treatment for dry achy feet as heated booties renew your soles with a rich blend of natural aromatic oils.  10 min - $10

Nail Art:Go for glamorous nails with personalized nail art and designs. 
5-15 minutes  -  Starting at $5


Nail Alchemy

Upgrade your nail experience by creating your own healing add-on ~ customized to your needs.
Alchemy added onto nail service 20 minutes – Only $25
Alchemy as a stand-alone service 20 minutes - $45 each

Foot Stress Reliever: Treat your feet to a warm bubbling foot soak, foot and lower leg scrub, acupressure foot massage and refreshing citrus-mint foot gel and spritz.

Stress - Relieving Treatment: Enjoy our moisturizing hand indulgence to soothe joint pain while making your hands silky soft. Then relax with a shoulder and neck massage. Soften hands while your stress-level drops in this calming spa service.

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