Massage Therapy

All of our massage sessions are therapeutic-based treatments with techniques specifically unique to The Wellness Spa. These techniques were acquired through training and experience in a variety of methods for relaxation, muscle relief, and tissue repair. Every massage therapist at The Wellness Spa is trained in these advanced massage techniques along with the unique skills they bring to ensure a consistent and beneficial experience with every visit.

Relaxation Massage
Relax with flowing, broad massage strokes to help calm the nervous system and relax muscle tension using your choice of our custom-made aromatherapy oils. As with all The Wellness Spa massage sessions, we include a warm cozy heat pack, soothing eye pillow and hot towels to thoroughly relax you from head to toe.  A Wellness Spa massage goes above and beyond which has kept this our most requested service for over 20 years.  50, 80 or 110 minutes - $70/100/130

Deep Tissue Massage
Helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas; stiff neck, low back and sore shoulders.  This style of massage works by physically breaking down adhesions in muscles, tendons, and ligaments to relieve pain, calm inflammation and restore normal movement.  Warm cozy heat packs and hot towels are included for comfort throughout this effective treatment massage.  50, 80 or 110 minutes - $80/110/140

Mini Massage
Intended for site specific work such as deep tissue of the neck, shoulders, or problem areas or as a relaxation massage refresher to calm and relax body and mind. Please note there is not enough time for full body massage. 20 minutes - $45

Hot Stone Massage
Natural stone therapy penetrates heat deep into muscles to release tension as the warm stones help muscles release more quickly and deeply than in traditional massage. The long continuing warmth of the smooth stones promotes relaxation while energizing and revitalizing the central nervous system, accelerating overall circulation and alleviating stress. 
Full Body Treatment: 70 minutes - $105
Hot Stone Back Massage Only: 45 minutes - $80

Couples Relaxation Massage
Spend time together receiving side by side massage in our special couples room or upstairs Retreat Suite. Includes your choice of Complimentary Massage Enhancer for each of you. 50 or 80 minutes - $175/225 per couple
Upgrade with additional Enhancer, Deep Tissue or Maternity for $10 extra per person.

Maternity Massage
Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.  Our maternity massage is done on a special body pillow that contours to a pregnant woman’s changing body to ensure comfort and some needed relief.  50 minutes - $80

Our feet mirror our entire body. Specific reflex points connected to our meridian energy pathways are massaged to relieve tension, increase energy flow and energize your entire body. This unique pressure-point massage is performed by therapists specifically trained in Reflexology to ensure you the feeling of walking on air following this treatment.  20 or 50 minute session - $45/70

Opens energy blockages, whether emotional, physical, or spiritual and restores balance and harmony so your body can heal itself. 20 or 50 minute session - $35/60


Massage Enhancers

Choose one or more micro-styled Enhancers below to customize your massage for your specific needs. Add-In Enhancer - $10

Hot Stone Sampler: Experience the warmth and uniqueness of hot stones massaged onto your back to deeply relax your muscles and work out muscle tension.

Hand Indulgence: Slip your hands into warm herbal mitts filled with a rich blend of natural aromatic oils including vitamin E and shea butter to moisturize dry skin and sooth tired muscles.

Foot Indulgence: Pure pleasure with a nourishing moisture treatment for dry, achy feet as warm herbal booties renew your soles with a rich blend of natural aromatic oils.

Moisturizing Body Treatment: Soften skin without the use of oils by adding in our moisturizing lotion in place of the oils used in our traditional massage services.

Massage Alchemy

Upgrade your massage experience by creating your own healing body blend - Add one of our Alchemy treatments to customize your massage for your needs.

Alchemy added onto one of our traditional massages - 20 minutes - Only $25

Alchemy as a stand-alone service (without massage) - 20 minutes - $50

Body Glow
Detoxify your body through increasing lymphatic drainage for overall improved immune strength with our special dry brushing techniques.  Calming, soft “brushing” of the body directing movements toward the heart for increased circulation and a flushing of your internal system while also making skin silky smooth through light exfoliation.

Head Trip
Whether headache pain, sinus pressure or scalp massage – our therapists use a combination of treatments including hot or cold stone therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure point massage or their own specialized techniques to offer needed relief.

Hot Stone Back Indulgence
Warm smooth stones are used to promote deep muscle and tissue relaxation to relieve pain, increase circulation and alleviate tension. Heated stones are very therapeutic and can aid with muscle aches and pains, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia and Anxiety.  A great way to start any massage.

Sole Serenity
Send your sole into serenity… both of them! Foot massage can relieve sore feet but will also refresh your entire body and mind. Lay back and relax while we wrap your feet in hot towels before exfoliating your lower legs and feet to prepare them for a relaxing aromatherapy massage. Finish with rejuvenating cooling leg gel.

Total Tranquility
Facial tension and headaches occur when you strain the muscles of your head and neck, often without even realizing you are doing it. The face contains a huge number of nerve receptors which results in face massage having profound effects through the entire body. This incredibly relaxing facial massage can change your mood, enhance deep relaxation and control pain, even leave you looking and feeling years younger.


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*The Wellness Spa has many talented spa technicians with a diversity of backgrounds and education in specific spa treatments and therapies as listed below. These services are offered at the availability of the technician. Please call for days/times these specialty services are offered.