Looking for Wellness in your Workplace?

Look a a new GREENER alternative in Corporate Wellness and blue skies will be coming your way

The Wellness Spa has offered reputable wellness and stress management solutions to central Wisconsin since 1994. Our corporate wellness program has been around just as long, allowing businesses to get the same health and wellness benefits as individuals who visit the health spa.

Living Wellness is a different and unique corporate wellness program – we do not offer health assessments, offer medical services or make employees conform to exercise regimes and weight loss programs. Though those programs have importance, the employee compliance rate can be discouraging to companies who invest in such programs.

The Wellness Spa's Corporate Living Wellness Program offers services such as On-site massage, Tai Chi for Wellness breaks, and fun informative activity and lecture sessions that educate employees and start giving them easy to understand information so they can start taking control of their own health and wellness. The benefits from massage services, the internal and structural health benefits from Tai Chi and the knowledge they acquire from our mini learning sessions will have long-lasting results with a very successful response and compliance rate.

And why not? All the Living Wellness services offered are easy to do or receive, involve no change of clothing on the employees part, and can be done at a work station, conference room or even outside. Best part, the business who invests in a Corporate Living Wellness Program will see the best return on their investment in less absenteeism, more productivity and happy, healthy employees.

Corporate Living Wellness Programs include:

Workplace Wellness On-site Massage

Tai Chi for Wellness Classes

Wellness Seminars & Energy Breaks

Call for Details or to set up a complimentary demonstration in your workplace. Contact Deborah Adams (715) 341-3333 or email WSPA@WellnessSpaResort.com