Facial Therapy

Great skin care is essential for all ages. Facials at The Wellness Spa are customized to each individual’s needs, with a variety of treatment masks and effective skin care products, you can be assured of a specialized service with any of the facials you choose.

Golden Goddess 24 Karat Facial
Gold not only gives us beautiful, glowing and youthful skin but it also slows down collagen depletion, increases skin's elasticity, lightens complexion, stimulates cells to firm skin, improves blood circulation and prevents premature aging and wrinkles. Now add all those benefits into our incredibly indulgent facial including a gemstone face massage, Ultimate Neck Lift and shea butter hand and foot massage and you'll experience a facial that is . . . golden! 75 minutes - $145

Wonder Facial
This 4-layer Repechage® Facial will plump up skin, brighten color, smooth fine lines and soften wrinkles. Unique lift-off facial mask hardens while it penetrates nutrient-rich products into your skin for a healthy, glowing appearance. Includes cleanse, extractions, face massage, hand and foot wrap. (Not suggested for people with Iodine or seaweed allergy). 75 minutes - $135

Wellness Spa Facial
Our signature facial has been revised to offer you an even better facial experience. Includes all the best a facial can give; a thorough cleanse and skin analysis followed with a deep pore lifting Enzyme mask, relaxing face massage, Lip Smoothing and Eye Renewal treatment masks, as well as a specially-blended customized facial mask to complete your wellness facial. We’ll even massage your feet before slipping them into warm booties and give you a blissful Shea Butter hand massage. 80 minutes - $115

European Facial *
Truly a “Spa” facial with all the essentials needed for a fresh glow; thorough cleanse and deep pore mask, relaxing massage and customized facial mask. This facial focuses on massage of the neck, face and scalp to relax your entire being – feel free to drift off with this calming and cleansing treatment. Includes foot and hand massage to add the icing on this ‘dessert-styled’ facial.  80 minutes - $100

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
Revitalize skin with our new invigorating deep-pore cleanser that actually percolates on your skin, lifting debris and dead-skin from your pores, followed by an enzyme infusing mask to brighten your complexion. With the help of our Intense Peptide Serum treatment, your skin will glow with a youthful, fresh appearance.  Includes a relaxing hand and foot massage heat treatment. 50 minutes - $85

Cleansing Facial *
Whether to refresh skin, address acne or skin problems, or use as a monthly maintenance treatment, this is our core facial with all the essentials needed to revitalize your skin with a deep facial cleanse, steam with Enzyme, extractions if needed and customized treatment mask. Includes shea butter foot and hand massage.  50 minutes - $70

Cleansing Facial for Your Back
50 minutes - $80

Enzyme Therapy Facial *
Using a natural exfollient of papaya and pineapple to separate dry, dead cells and lift them from the skin, this facial proves to be the perfect mini treatment for a quick refresher or to use between regular facials.  30 minutes - $50


* Traditional Facials – see our Facial Alchemy options for customizing your facial to your needs. 

Facial Enhancers

Choose one or more micro-styled Enhancers below to customize your facial to your specific needs. Add-In Enhancer - $10 - $20

Ultimate Neck Lift: Moisturize and hydrate your neck with wholesome milk and honey hydrators and a marine-based collagen mask with aloe, vitamin E, C and rose oil to naturally moisturize, tone and tighten skin and the appearance of wrinkles. ($20)

Smoothing Lip Treatment: Soften fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth while healing cracked and dry lips with our unique infused layered mask.

Ultimate Eye Lift: Relieve tired eyes while reducing puffiness and dark circles with this moisturizing and hydrating eye mask to firm and tighten the eye area.


Facial Alchemy

Upgrade your facial experience by creating your own beauty elixir ~ customized to your needs. Added onto one of our traditional facials 10-15 minutes - $25-$35 each

Chemical Peel: Powerful, yet gentle Lactic Acid peel leaves very little redness or downtime yet can dramatically help with breakouts, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, clogged or enlarged pores, Milia, dull or rough texture, dehydration. ($35)

Anti-Aging: Upgrade your facial for better anit-aging results with our Flaxx-C Mask and Specialty V-Neck Firming Mask to tone, firm and lesson fine lines and wrinkles. ($25)

Lightening and Brightening: Add this Antioxidant skin brightening treatment to brighten and even-out skin tone for luminous, hydrated skin. Improves appearance of discoloration, isolated age spots and sun damage. ($25)

Detoxification: Deep Pore Cleanser followed with our advanced VitaMineral Deep Detox Mask evens-out skin tone and texture while it deep cleanses pores allowing for better penetration of vitamin C and active minerals which help neutralize free radicals and leaves your skin remarkably clean and even-toned. ($25)

Acne Treatment: Combining deep cleaning with our High Frequency machine treatment prepare skin for an effective yet gentle Sulfer Mask to calm skin, kill bacteria and shift your skin into a healthy, less inflamed state. ($25)


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